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The Laufware Mission showcases the latest versions of popular Windows software, also usable by persons who are Blind, or with low vision. This site is for every one wanting to get the most out of your Windows computer, offering 20 software categories with links, descriptions, and tips.

The LaufWare mission is to achieve five important goals:

  1. Show our appreciation to software developers for writing accessible applications, and to educate them that blind and low vision persons use computers and purchase software.
  2. Educate employers that blind persons make great employees, and usually give 110 percent to do the best job they can.
  3. Educate the blind, their family members, friends, fello students and coworkers that we can use computers to manage finances, shop, read, travel and communicate.
  4. Compile all known accessible software in one place to help increase productivity.
  5. Provide resources to further your knowledge and pursue personal interests.

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