Welcome To LaufWare Software

Making The World More Accessible

LaufWare.com showcases the latest versions of popular Windows applications usable by people who are blind, or visually impaired. This site is for every one wanting to get the most out of their Windows PC experience. Here you will find 20 software categories with links, descriptions, and helpful tips.

One Device, One Job, And One Life At A Time!

The LaufWare mission is to achieve five important goals:

  1. Show our appreciation to software developers for writing accessible applications, and to educate them about how blind and low vision persons use computers and purchase software.
  2. Educate the blind, their family members, friends, fellow students and coworkers that we can use computers to manage finances, shop, read, travel and communicate.
  3. Educate employers that blind persons make great employees, and usually give 110% when doing their job.
  4. Compile all known accessible software in one place to help increase productivity.
  5. Provide resources to further knowledge and pursue personal interests.

Latest News From Michael Lauf

mikelauf1 on Twitter

Radio call of the final 6 seconds as Evansville stuns #1 Kentucky in Rupp Arena, 67-64. Here is how it sounded on the Purple Aces Sports Network. https://soundcloud.com/jevin13/evansville-downs-1-kentucky

YouTube Accessibility, tips, keyboard commands and alternate websites! https://www.afb.org/aw/20/4/16406

Complete YouTube web player keyboard command list. This list can be accessed anytime on YouTube by activating the Settings menu and then Keyboard commands, or by simply pressing ? (question mark). https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/7631406?hl=en

New Blind Parents Connection podcast! Hear more from blind parents. Episode one covers resources. http://buff.ly/2vbPX0J

No More Automatic Forced Upgrade to Windows 10 Feature Updates without Your Permission: https://www.askvg.com/no-more-automatic-forced-upgrade-to-windows-10-feature-updates/